Class К-0 (Unlimited region of sailing)
Kind Ketch (two-mast)
Total length 32 meters
Length at waterline 30,6 meters
Width 7.2 meters
Displacement 150 tons
Keel 9 meters, 29 tons
Body Galvanized steel

1 mast

2 mast


32 meters

24 meters

Complete set of cruise and storm sails:




Mizzen sail


220 sq. m

160 sq. m

240 sq. m

170 sq. m

Engines 2 engines Vetus at 285 h.p., speed up to 10 knots
Number of crew cabins 3 for 6 crewmen
Navigating equipment Complete set for sailing in the high seas
Additional equipment Spare autopilot, Internet
Autonomy support 1 water desalinator 180 l/hour 2 generators of 23 Kilowatts each Solar photovoltaic panels - 2 Kilowatts
Comfort 2 airconditioners - 15 Kilowatts Ladder and platform for mooring and bathing Folding pool
Entertainment 6 complete sets for diving, including a compressor installation
Year of construction 2008